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In this day and age, most people are suffering from stress of one sort or another, whether your stress is emotional or physical.

If you are suffering from tension or aches and pains from daily life, work, sports or ageing, these can be greatly improved upon with hands on therapies.

Stress in general causes your blood pressure to rise, the muscles of your body to tighten which causes tension in the muscles which can lead to pain in the neck, upper back or headaches if left unchecked.

Add into that the physicality of your work life, such as, your seating position, posture and the type of work that you do. Lifting and carrying, sitting at a screen on a keyboard or spending long hours driving. This all adds up over time into a body that is more tense that it need be.

Sports also take a toll on the muscles and joints of your body and regular therapy can help increase your performance.

The increase in circulation around the body brings fresh oxygen to the muscles, joints and major organs which reduces aches and pains.

The tone of not only your muscles is improved but also the skin, reducing imperfections and wrinkling.

While you receive treatment and your muscles are relaxing, your breathing increases in depth and this helps promote a feeling of well-being.

Even if you are in the peak of health, without a stress in the world, therapies help to maintain that health in your skin, joints and muscles.